Transactions prior to 2004

Major acquisitions and mergers of Tieto

1976 Finnsystems Oy
1983 Avonius Oy
1984 Tietojyvä Oy
1987 Nokia computer center
1987 Datema AB, Sweden
1988 ASW Systems Oy
1990 Tietoässä Oy
1990 Finnish Data Power Oy
1993 Carelcomp Oy
1993 Datacity Information Systems Oy
1994 Financial Software Technology Oy
1994 Suunnittelu ja laskenta Oy
1995 Dativo Oy
1995 Procons Data Oy
1995 VTKK-yhtymä Oy
1995 Unic Oy
1996 Avancer Oy
1996 AXO Systems AS, Norway
1997 Huld & Lillevik AS, Norway
1998 Oy Tietokonepalvelu Ab
1998 Konts SIA, Latvia
1999 Entra Data AB, Sweden
1999 Enator AB, Sweden
2000 Sypro System Professionals Oy
2000 European Medical Solutions Group, Norway
2001 Softema, Finland
2002 Ementor Financial Systems, Norway
2002 Majiq, USA
2002 Sykora, Germany, Czech Republic
2003 Inveos AG, Germany

Major acquisitions of Enator

The Enator Group was created in 1995 when Celsius AB, a Swedish listed company, merged its IT related operations which it had acquired during 1991–1994. Up until 1994, IT operations of Enator were conducted in three separate sub-groups within Celsius Industries: Telub, Enator and Dialog.


1991   Celsius acquires FFV, which includes Telub
1992   Majority interest in Dotcom and 100% of Miltest
1993   Försvarsmedia and Systecon are acquired
1994   Vexa is acquired


1994   Celsius acquires majority holding in Enator


1993   Kommundata changes name to Dialog. Trigon, L-Data, ADB Malmö and the CRS
            companies are acquired. 
1994   Dialog is acquired by Celsius
1994   The three subgroups Telub, Enator and Dialog are operationally co-ordinated within
            Celsius Information System (CIS)
1995   CIS becomes an operationally independent sub-group within the Celsius group
1996   Adedata is acquired. CIS changes name to Enator and its shares are listed publicly.
1998   Acquisition of 51% of Programmera
            Acquisition of Kvatro Telecom (Norway) and SoftProjekt (Germany)
1999   Acquisition of NetDesign (Denmark)