Network & infrastructure management

Tieto provides network and infrastructure management solutions that enables process automation to support service providers' operations and end customer self service solutions fast, reliably and cost-effectively and who do not want to risk these services during and after the systems migration.

Network & Infrastructure Management is all about cost efficiently managing your network assets and maintaining knowledge of resources such as network, application and computing infrastructures.

The Network and Infrastructure Management is essential to support the automation of main business processes as design, planning, fulfillment, assurance and billing. It also plays an important role in delivering services ordered by customers, development and delivery of services and enable superior customer experience.

The Network & Infrastructure management gives the operator the tools to act before your customers do and before your competitors do. It will let the operators exploit new opportunities and new cost savings potential by fully utilise the business potential of your infrastructure and cost efficiently meet the customer demands of quality and services.

Tieto's solution

The Tieto solutions for Network and infrastructure management is based on in depth knowledge of industry and business and is built up on strong alliances with operators, manufacturers and vendors. Tieto offers complete solution that ties together both the resource and the service domain and harmonizes processes that control and the technology domains.

Tieto's solutions includes tools for all the essential processes for a telecom operator, ranging from planning and documentation to contract management, network designing and network reporting. To provide you with the best fitting solutions we cooperate with the world’s leading IT vendors.

Tieto provide R&D services to all leading telco network element manufacturers. We have the superior expertise of linking telco operators‘ resource management solutions into market leading network element management systems. Our expertise spans literally all parts of the telco value chain – no gaps along the way.


The solutions from Tieto fully exploits the automating capabilities of COTS which maximizes the benefits of COTS. The system service based architecture is the foundation for immediate back end automation.