Telecom operators

The dramatic advances in online services, smart phones and high-speed fibre networks have created entirely new business ecosystems. This has led to huge challenges for the telecom industry that enabled the breakthroughs.

Business-driven IT is creating new telecom winners

With more investment in business-driven IT, operators, service providers and media companies can strengthen their position by:

  • increasing cost-efficiency
  • sharpening the customer experience
  • identifying new revenue streams

Tried and tested business models are being challenged, networks and systems are converging, and customer loyalty is becoming increasingly hard to retain. Meanwhile, demands for profitability in the industry are already driving a trend of mergers, acquisitions and new partnerships.

Future success in the telecom sector will not only be a matter of delivering better and more efficient services to end customers, it will also require the release of capital, time and resources for internal change and transformation. 

Sustainable operators

The ultimate aim is to enhance the customer experience, sharpen the offering and increase profitability. And the pace has to be fast because time-to-market is business-critical.

In a market where the uncertainty is greater than ever, operators and service providers will need to become even more agile and responsive. Thus business-driven IT is becoming an increasingly critical success factor.

The path to sustainability is to build on core knowledge, while cutting costs and reinvesting the savings in new developments, improvements and customer-oriented solutions. Standardization is increasing and more and more services are moving up to the cloud.

Why Tieto?

By joining forces with Tieto, you will gain access to 30 years of telecom experience – from customer experience management, system and process development to operating complex networks and support solutions.

No other Nordic IT service company has the same understanding of the technological challenges involved in transforming the telecom industry.

We help our customers to:
  • Increase quality and free up capital with cost-effective system lifecycle management
  • Enhance the user experience by improving and automating customer processes
  • Reduce time-to-market with more efficient and flexible service development – from analysis to implementation and operation
  • Increase competitive edge by transforming – from legacy systems to platforms based on COTS and Open Source

We accompany our customers when systems are integrated, platforms migrated, companies merged and new telecom services launched.

We are experts in the anatomy of billing systems and know how efficient CRM and provisioning systems can be combined to enhance the customer experience.

”By virtue of our close collaboration with some of the world’s leading software companies, we are the ideal partner for companies who wish to migrate internally developed support systems to modern platform solutions.”