Understanding what every customer wants

Savvy Retailer helps you understand the profile and preference of every individual shopper the moment they walk through the door, equipping you with intelligently analysed customer analytics.

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Me tailingDue to the emergence of the savvy shopper, we are now also moving into the era of the savvy retailer. The savvy retailer listens, understands and meets individual clients’ future needs already today. Knowledge is the key in winning this modern and picky clientele over.    

At Tieto, we have learned how to turn the abundance of information and options available to this new generation of clued-up shoppers in our favour. We are strong in customer and business analytics, where we can efficiently sort and combine market data and media forms with personal preferences conveyed by, for example, a person’s social media use.

Savvy retailers benefit from future-proven solutions and pre-integrated 3rd party products from social media monitoring and customer data enrichment, digital and journey analytics to commerce-integrated product recommendation engines. We have also developed an interactive tablet-based 360 dashboard solution for marketing VIPs, enabling true visibility and control to essential marketing KPIs and digital campaigns.

The omni-channel Savvy Retailer solution allows you to get full visibility into your marketing activities, create customer insights as well as enhance conversion and optimize promotions.

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