Enhancing the customer experience in the physical store

Our adaptive store concept takes the physical store to a whole new level, offering your customers an interactive shopping experience and equipping your sales staff with in-depth data to serve consumers better.

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For many retailers, the physical store will always remain the beating heart of their operations. And rightly so. Despite the rise in online shopping, modern consumers still want to get close to the product in some way, touching it, feeling it or comparing it with other products in the physical store space. 

The difference is that the future store adds more value to the overall shopping experience. It adapts to individual shopper’s needs and serve as an outlet, an inspirational space, an information bank, a consultation service and a showroom - all in one. 

At Tieto, we can help you achieve this. By using the latest web technologies and real-time customer analytics, we can equip your sales staff with the digital tools to get closer to the consumers via customer profiles, individual shopping records and the latest trends circulating in social media.

Our Assisted Sales tool, which is a tablet-based web application, is specifically designed for this purpose and works as a service accelerator. It also keeps your staff on top of important data such as inventories and product content. In addition, we can equip your store with interactive solutions, including branded touch-screens and mobile shopper assistants.

By knowing your customers the moment they walk through the door, your sales staff can pitch them relevant products, offer more in-depth advice and even predict what they may be interested in next.     

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