Make the most of customer data in a seamless IT environment

Our retail IT operations and cloud services can help you get to know – and serve – your customers better. At the same time you will get a smoother and more cost-efficient work environment.

The rise of the modern consumer pose retailers with many new challenges: customised products, personalised services, and 24/7 access via computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 

In order to cater to those needs, industry experts say the road to success is to offer omni-channel availability and intelligently collect, store, sort, and analyse an enormous amount of data, or Big Data. Without support, legacy systems and outdated servers risk buckling under the pressure. 

There is no doubt about it: digitalisation will determine the future of many of the world's retailers. Are you ready?

At Tieto, we have the tools to upgrade, integrate, and digitalise your IT environment and add unlimited data capacity to your operations. We can help you manage your everyday business needs while taking your customer experience to the next level - and it will cost you less.

Tieto Cloud Services cover everything you need to prepare for the future of retailing, encompassing Tieto Cloud Server Infrastructure, Dynamic SAP landscape, Tieto Productivity Cloud Platforms, and Tieto Retail Experience. Our Application Management Services will help you operate in a more transparent, efficient, and profitable environment.

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