Retail Needs a Strong Partner in Enterprise Applications

The retail industry is strongly affected by rapid technological development—even more than other industries. It is an exciting era with breathtaking changes in consumer behavior, vastly increased knowledge of consumer demands, and opportunities to do business in new ways. It is also a time of strategic decisions for the future. One key to success is investments in new technology. 

What kind of solutions do I need? How fast should a transformation be carried out? How much of my existing IT can remain? How much should I outsource?

The retail business holds fantastic potential in such technologies as Big Data Analytics, omni-channels, Internet of Things, and automation, but for these systems to work, you need an integrated base of ERP, BI, CRM, and other enterprise applications.

Solid business knowledge 

Tieto is the largest Nordic IT services company providing full lifecycle services. We have about 1,000 consultants specialising in enterprise applications alone and around 4,000 in consulting and systems integration.

We have solid retail experience and are experts in integrating and adapting software from SAP, Oracle, and other major suppliers and rising stars. We do it in a way that will make your company effective, and open to more business.

A strong partner

More and more complex technology is prompting companies to outsource their IT in order to keep up with development. We offer cloud services that cover those needs. Now more than ever, retail companies need an innovative and pro-active IT partner to meet the future.