Manage your assets with Energy Components software

Energy Components (EC) is the global leading end-to-end hydrocarbon production data management and accounting software, tracking hydrocarbons from production and transport, to sales and revenue recognition.

Energy Components offers unprecedented support for the whole upstream value chain, with dedicated support for production operations, terminals, gas plants, storage, LNG facilities, gas sellers and more.

With over 500 licenses in close to 55 countries, a significant percentage of the world’s production and transport of hydrocarbons are managed with Energy Components from Tieto.

Based on our best practices and knowledge over the last 20 years, Tieto is also offering consultancy, implementation and support services. We aim to make our clients more successful and profitable by advising and implementing the newest and most effective business models for their operations in the oil and gas domain. 

Energy Components footprint

Tieto has been involved in the oil and gas industry since 1985, being fully committed to provide our customers with high-quality, world-leading IT products and services. The experiences and best practices we have gained over the years has formed our approach and current thinking. Our oil and gas representatives are located in Houston (USA), Calgary (Canada), Perth (Australia), Aberdeen (UK), Pune (India), Groningen (Netherlands), Doha (Qatar), Stavanger and Trondheim (Norway), Moscow (Russia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia/Asia) supporting our clients and projects globally.

Today our solution has been successfully adopted in all major oil and gas regions. Addressing the core value of the upstream industry, we have developed the Energy Components product suite in close collaboration with leading companies in the oil and gas industry for more than a decade. The oil and gas super majors have all selected Energy Components from Tieto as their preferred production data management, reporting and allocation system worldwide.

Energy Components Solution Footprint

Energy Components gives our customers the opportunity to manage their business according to industry best practices with full traceability, audit ability and SOX404 compliance at all levels.


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Aksel Hårstad
Director of Sales, Oil & Gas
Dick van Eldik
Country Manager, Managing Director, Malaysia and Asia
Don Blomquist
Manager Oil & Gas, Canada
Oral Sjøflot
Country Manager, Australia
Henning Litlekalsøy
Sales Director Oil & Gas, Norway and Europe
Anton Yakovlev
Director Oil & Gas, Russia, Caspian and Middle East