TV and radio

Television and radio have an important role in peoples everyday life. The share of electronic mass communication in the media market has grown rapidly as services offered by television companies have become more diverse and web media has expanded.


Traditional forms of mass communication still have strong foothold in media consumption though new services and distribution channels of media content - the changing media world - is challenging TV and radio. In addition, markets have fragmented and consumers have become increasingly demanding. 

Players in the field need to adapt to the constantly changing and fast paced business environment. In order to succeed in the media competition, TV and radio companies need to create new media products and services alongside their traditional services. Multi-channel distribution and consumer service, digital services, more flexible processes outsourced IT services, media archive management and utilization, customer relationship and business information management and many other of our solutions support the TV and radio business in creating tomorrow's possibilities.

IT service solutions developed for mass communication offer new opportunities also for the content business. Our strong business and technology expertise and wide network of international partners guarantee the best possible support for developing TV and radio business.