Connected customer service

A consistent customer experience at all touchpoints, regardless of channel, is quickly emerging as a top competitive advantage in all industries. In the same way online self-services are preferred in consumer businesses, also B2B customers are now expecting to be able to serve themselves online.

Digitalizing your business enables you to treat your seamless service channels as a product your customers are willing to pay for. New online services drive growth in your service business. Providing self-service tools that automate much of the support procedure enables your customer service agents to provide seamless support to increase sales and lower transaction costs.

When we talk about connected customer service, we don’t mean just taking your current services online. Proactive customer service brings your service through right-timed proactive chat, screen-sharing or even video meeting. You will also be able to improve reporting and have a better view on a customer’s order history in multiple channels.

A good digital customer experience improves loyalty among your customers and thus provides better prospects to sell more.

Tieto Industrial Experience makes heavy use of the Genesys omnichannel customer service technology combined with other leading software solutions. They can be delivered from the cloud or on-premise. You will be able to set up multichannel contact centres, enable a wide range of self-services and even provide remote consulting to your customers, either in person or through videos and demos. As all customer data is available on a dashboard-style display, your customer service personnel always has all relevant information available.