Information driven supply chain

Supply chains are increasingly being developed into complex networks of producers, suppliers and customers. Where the focus was previously on supplying large volumes to a number of sites, it is now increasingly on producing small, customised series that create individual added value but still need to go to many sites.

The increased number of end user configurations that need to be adapted to changing needs, makes it necessary to be able to segment the supply chain. And this has to take place fast. 

Real-time supply chain - warehouse truck

The current digitisation process and the impatience of the B2C sector are noticeable in B2B: deliveries are required 24 hours a day. Speed is a success factor. This requires a great deal of reorganisation, process optimisation and a new way of using technology in relation to lead times, stock-keeping, delivery methods, etc. We are specialists in all these areas.

Another important development concerns the product itself. Increasingly, it consists of software, service and other soft values, which has a great impact on delivery and is where IT again plays a big role.