Better control and more efficiency with family and child care IT solution

We help make social care more effective through better control of the entire service process within family and child care.

A common client information system ensures that all child welfare documentation and decisions on financial support, placement decisions, etc. are in one place. This results in increased transparency, better information flow, and up-to-date data for all family and child care customers.

Our Lifecare solution for family and child care helps to monitor the supply of and demand for care, as well as providing an overview of staff management. With better quality data, situation analysis can be done quicker based on real-time data. In child welfare offices, this means that more time can be dedicated to the child.

The solution also supports management and operational enhancement with statistics and analysis tools that help to produce better services in a more cost-efficient way. Decisions can be better monitored and the family and child care resources can be directed to places where they are most needed.



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