Managing investment operations through sharing

Transfer your investment business to a sharing environment and capture new business opportunities in a changing market. Sharing is the new black in investment!

The investment market is changing and business, as you know it, is being pulled apart by cost- and efficiency pressure, new regulations and transparency requirements. Technology is changing customer behavior and disruptive initiatives are challenging traditional value chains and roles.

These many changes are becoming increasingly difficult to bear alone, and we think there is a better way for solving this. It is time to change perspective and change the game - it is time for sharing.

Sharing utilities creates valuable business gains

Parts of the value chain, primarily in post trade, are being commoditised and standardised. Margins are shrinking and there are limited opportunities to differentiate. At the same time the ongoing regulatory requirements are pushing the development further, and the market is showing clear signs to be ready for utility providers.

Sharing your own operations

As the cost pressure intensifies, Nordic financial institutes must increase efficiency, simplify capability assets (both IT and business processes) and define outsourcing needs.
Recycling own assets cross business areas in combination with pre-packed solution accelerators and comprehensive yet standardised services allows you to break down the silos and to take the customer perspective rather than the singular product offer.

Sharing the “meta” version of the data and transactions

The globalisation of the market is forcing players to rethink how products and services are packaged in order to find new ways of better attracting business. By using insights from the community, innovation can be shared and tested at lower risk and cost.

Sharing the transformed market- or business data in an eco system where analytics and niche providers allow for new ways of interacting with customers and peers. New ways of creating business will appear and by joining the club your information is taken to the next level along with your business possibilities

Where do I go from here?

Come with us! We can help you transform and also provide valuable solutions and consulting enabling the “sharing way of doing investments”.

We can help you:

  • redesign business and service models and develop new value added services to complement and enhance traditional services.
  • make an advantage of our  unique position in the Nordic market providing solutions and services to a large part of the community
  • convert your data to an asset and help you use that asset with analytic tools and give access to business components and tool boxes for business development as well as interactions with a variety of players bringing content and tools to the eco system.

Do you want to know how you can simplify your business today, while preparing for the future without enormous change programs and enormous IT projects?

Get in touch with us, or keep reading more about what you have to gain from a changed perspective on investment.