Smart Insurance Experience

Deliver great insurance experience by providing smart protection, preventive services and enable smooth and secured living.

Reaching customers on their situations is the starting point for smarter insurance service. With preventive services and first time right service approach you will reduce the cost of serving the customer, and with smooth claims process initiated anytime anywhere is key for fast resolutions.

We offer a collection of smart insurance solutions for consumers and corporates at all touchpoints, assisted by virtual advisers and intelligent customer insight engines.

Benefits of our solutions

Smart Insurance

Intelligent Sales

Improved sales by personal insurance offers via own channels, partners and brokers. Reach customers on their life situations and provide protection for their needs with a click. It’s also about advising customers to protect their lives via personalized services – pay as you live.

Digital Customer

Leverage digitalization to push preventive services to reduce the risk of an accident or event and reach customers everywhere, provide control on their insurances and enable re-fit the protection and insurance policies to changed needs. Improve efficiency of your customer service with tools to solve issues first time right.

Smooth Claims

Smoothen the customer experience on time of an accident, shorten the claims process and prevent the further damage –and advice on mitigating the risk in the future.

Customer Insights

Leverage the customer data and preventive analytics to generate new revenues and improved loyalty with targeted offers and listening to customers in order to understand consumer behavior and the changes needed for continuous service innovation and sales.