Secure services designed for Nordic energy companies

The utility industry is facing its biggest change in decades.

Deregulation is putting retail companies face-to-face with more competition, which leads to new priorities: customer retention and reducing the cost-to-serve.

Distribution companies face toughening operational requirements: service reliability, shorter interruption times and higher penalties for non-compliance. They also need to pay closer attention to Return On Investment planning.

The only way to succeed in this environment is to adopt new digital solutions that:

● enable automation of operations and processes, thus minimizing costs and the risk of manual errors that would affect end user satisfaction or cause non-compliance situations

● are able to scale up and down without service interruption to adapt to market needs

● can take advantage of data analytics to tap into new revenue streams

● Modularized and standardized, utilize the features that you need, pay for what you use

Tieto Smart Utility is a comprehensive solution that includes both the platforms and the tools to enable utility companies – retail as well as distribution – to place their input where it produces the maximum output.

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