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We believe in and embrace the power of diverse minds across all sectors and workspaces.

Inclusion is the key to success

Equality is a big word, but from our point of view, it encompasses the idea that there should be the same opportunity for everyone to fulfil their full potential. 

We believe employing a truly eclectic mix of people – looking beyond gender boundaries, ethnicity, religion or belief systems, physical ability, sexual orientation or age – is fundamental to creating an inspirational workplace. For us, diversity is a game changer in innovation.

A diverse workforce creates an environment of open thinking and brings contrasting perspectives to the challenges we need to resolve for our customers.

The task is to create the structures and attitudes for this to happen: Our Open Source Culture and Human Resources' activities are underpinned by our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This starts at recruitment and is a thread through all of our business activities, including salary revisions and talent programmes.

Our commitment to treating all employees with equal respect and dignity is demonstrated in our proven record of supporting and encouraging personal and professional development for all. Our company is defined by our people and we are proud of our inclusive approach. This is demonstrated by the 34 nationalities represented at our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and 24 at our Stockholm office.

We encourage applications from people regardless of country of origin, gender, age or physical attributes.

More than a philosophy: inclusion in practice

We do not see equality as something that we will achieve once and for all and then forget. Instead it is an ongoing process to become better, clearer and more inclusive. We actively work with partners in the business and wider community to foster equality in the workplace and society at large.

We have come quite a way on that journey and value the external recognition we have received. These include the below awards, certifications and initiatives.


Tieto highest ranked technology company in Equileap's 2018 Global Gender Equality Ranking 

Tieto ranked among the top 25 companies in Equileap's 2018 Global Gender Equality Ranking, which evaluated more than 3 000 companies across 23 countries based on 19 gender equality criteria. Tieto was the highest placed technology company on the list.

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Tieto Sweden holds EDGE Assessment Certificate since 2015

Exclusive Diverse Workplace Label awarded to Tieto Estonia


In 2015, we became the first IT company in the world to be granted EDGE Certification, the leading global assessment and business certification for gender equality. Our business practices and policies across five different areas were assessed.

  • Equal pay for equivalent work
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Leadership development training and mentoring
  • Flexible working
  • Company culture

Our certification is formal recognition of our ongoing commitment to gender equality in Sweden. In the broader business environment, we have been the driving force behind an Inclusion Council, with representatives from global and Swedish corporate leadership teams. This continues to flourish and bring equality best practices to business worldwide.

The Estonian Diversity Charter was established in 2012 as a voluntary agreement where companies and non-government and public sector organisations sign up to respect human diversity and value the principle of equal treatment among employees, partners and clients.

Tieto Estonia has been a voluntary member since 2013. In 2018 we applied for and were granted the Diverse Workplace label.


Tieto India breaking new ground with iLEAD programme

The iLEAD programme (I Lead for Equality and Diversity) inspires, facilitates and propagates inclusivity across the entire business workflow. The Tieto India team behind iLEAD is comprised of self-motivated and highly passionate individuals from varying industry groups. The success of the initiative has seen higher diversity and inclusion rates and continues to improve.

Tieto India are proud winners of the 'Employee Excellence Network Awards' by BD Foundation. This award recognises an employee network which demonstrated its impact in shaping and driving the diversity and inclusion agenda. While simultaneously demonstrating the sustained value it has added to the business. This works side by side with the iLEAD team towards a shared goal. It also functions to connect people within Tieto to promote an inclusive culture.

Recognised Achievements:

  • Listed in Top 100 Best Companies for Women in India by Working Mothers and Avtar group
  • Listed in top three finalists for the Sandvik India Diversity Awards
  • Winner of the “Employee Excellence Network Awards” by BD Foundation

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