A full view on your fibre sourcing in a fragmented marketplace at an optimal cost

Fibre sourcing is presently undergoing a major change. Investment in pulp mills is picking up due to increasing demand. New uses of fibre are emerging with the rise of bio-industries. In the Nordic countries, more wood is being grown than is consumed, but to a large extent in areas where harvesting is challenging.

Forest ownership is fragmented as forests are largely owned by individuals. The new generation of forest owners are not growers themselves – which is why they are often not aware of their forest’s commercial value or the business opportunities it presents.

In the global perspective, fibre supply sources are far away from where demand is highest while the fluctuation of energy prices introduces uncertainties in the procurement chain.

Fibre sourcing systems in certain markets are approaching their end-of-life, but both forest owners and wood buyers need new types of digitalized services to make supply meet demand. An increasing number of players need to collaborate throughout the supply chain. At the same time, the industry is facing a need to keep costs down.

Tieto provides fibre sourcing organizations with a full set of tools to manage all this complexity. From supplier support systems through harvesting and transport management to reception and woodyard management, Tieto’s advanced, standardized system helps fibre buyers manage the entire procurement process. With standardized, easily implemented integration into a variety of ERP solutions, Tieto allows forest industry companies to get a real-time overview of what is happening where in the process. In addition to increasing efficiency, this helps both cost control and dealing with unexpected anomalies.



Mikko Tommola
Lead Technology Consultant
Johan Halling
Solution Consultant