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Signaling control and gateways

Make your signaling network more cost-effective, easy to manage and future-proof using the cloud-based, native Tieto Evolved Signalling Controller (ESC).

Smarter signaling, routing and control

Tieto's Evolved Signaling Controller is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly handles signalling control in 2G, 3G and 4G networks as well as the upcoming 5G network. It allows network operators to reuse capacity easily when traffic moves from legacy to modern networks, and also serves as a single replacement for solutions like signalling transfer point (STP), signalling relay point (SRP), signaling gateway (SGW), diameter routing agent (DRA) and diameter edge agent (DEA). It also includes signaling firewall functionality to protect networks from security threats.

Jörgen Tränk

Lead Product Manager

Whitepaper: Leading the way to the next generation of wireless networks

Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller

This whitepaper introduces an all-in-one signaling control solution supporting all networks. It suits for all network operators who either plan, explore the possibility, or undergo a transition from legacy networks to next-generation networks. This reading is valuable for CTOs and others being responsible for core network development. It provides tools for business developers of network operators, who aim to accelerate services for enterprise customers.

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All network types

Supports all networks, resolving multi-network signalling issues.



Extensive optional features for richer data and control.



By using the ESC network, operators are ready to transition at any time.


Visit us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (25-28 Feb)

We demonstrate how Tieto Evolved Signaling Controller product, the signaling solution for all telecom networks from 2G to 5G.

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Two facts every mobile operator should know about signaling

In the midst of the IoT, cloud and 5G buzz – do you know just how critical robust signaling control is for successful cloud operations?

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Key features

All-in-one signaling routing

Includes STP/SRP/SGW, DRA and DEA combined functionality.

Network security

Advanced signaling firewall functionality covering both SS7/Sigtran and diameter traffic to protect network from security threats.

Intelligent gateway

Due to multi-network support, the ESC can also act as an intelligent gateway between for example MAP-Diameter and CAP-Diameter. Allowing you to reuse and expand existing services in all types of networks.

Advanced screening and routing

The advanced screening and routing feature allows building rules based on application data such as TCAO, MAP and CAP. It also takes application level parameters as MSISDN and IMSI in account to build complex rules.

Extensive SMS handling

Dedicated features related to handling of SMS such as: routing and screening based on SMS content, screening of SMS text, first delivery attempt, SMPP Gateway and SMS home routing.

Number portability

The number portability feature provides full support for mobile number portability according to 3GPP standards that can either use local database or external connected over LDAP.

Steering of roaming

Steering of roaming feature enables operators the possibility to decrease roaming costs and improve roaming user experience by selecting the best visiting network in real time.

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