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Network applications

Leverage the evolution of cloud platforms with our broad portfolio of network applications, designed for cloud and NFV infrastructure.

Ready for the next generation

Next-generation networks and data centres require new network applications. With extensive experience in design of telecom signalling networks, functions and protocols, we offer a number of network applications ready for the future.

Our signalling products and network applications are designed for modern execution platforms and can easily be deployed in almost any virtualised platform. Operators can rest assured that with our network applications deployed, their products can interoperate with other vendors' systems.

Jörgen Tränk

Lead Product Manager

Key benefits


Save time and money

Easy deployment and scaling of network applications reduces manual admin costs.


Flexible deployment

All our signalling products offer easy deployment in virtualised environments.


Redundant and scalable

Execute multiple instances, distributed over several HW/SW platforms.

Key features


Equipment Identity Register for 2G/3G and LTE network signaling. Supports blacklist, whitelists and up to 10 greylists. Can be complemented with Central EIR DB solution for central provisioning and log collection.


Short message centre for 2G and 3G networks. Supports configurable retransmission-queues, SMPP interface and SS7 signalling.


SMS gateway for IMS networks, based on 3GPP standard. Enables SMS interworking between 2G/3G networks and IMS.


IN service gateway between different IN protocol flavours including CAP V1, V2, V3, V4, Ericsson INAP CS1+, SINAP CS1+.


USSD service interaction to and from IMS networks. Enables easy migration of USSD applications to IMS networks.

Mobile Number Portability, MNP

MNP database supporting number portability for calls and SMS.

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