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Mobile edge control

Accelerate your business offering with modern, complete network infrastructure software – for a competitive edge.

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Ready for even more connected devices?

As new services evolve and the traffic from connected devices rises, operators need a reliable, responsive, flexible network infrastructure software that meets demand and works smoothly with modern technologies.

Our infrastructure enables the applications of the future, supports demand and gives operators the ability to execute services on modern cloud platforms – right to the network edge. Deliver seamlessly high-quality services while increasing revenue, profitability and shareholder value with the Tieto Distributed Internet of Things (IoT) Access Node.

Peter Olofsson

Senior Product Manager

Key benefits


Save time and money

Quick deployment of authenticated access.


Improved flexibility

Scale applications as the service demand dictates.


Reduced latency

Backhauling traffic to central operations reduced.

Key features

Multi-access support

Enables authorised all-IP connectivity over LTE, HSPA, EDGE/GPRS and other non-3GPP accesses, such as WiFi, LoRa and Sigfox.

Subscriber management

Each subscriber profile can use an encrypted, private connection over any radio access technology.

Cloud ready

The service is compatible with the latest cloud technology for easy, fast and reliable access.


Designed for modern cloud environment and support scaling both in each processor core, as well as horizontally over several processor cores.

Flexible use cases

Fulfills telecom requirements for core networks, with enough flexibility to accommodate all possible use cases.

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