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Enables retailers to create and operate an own digital marketplace.

Take full control of your digital marketplace

Tieto’s marketplace solutions enables retailers to create and operate an own digital marketplace. It offers the tools to onboard sellers, products from sellers, build trust between sellers and buyers and process the orders and finances with full control of your marketplace. We help our customer to onboard sellers, target the right sellers, track seller performance, integrate the marketplace into existing website, display high quality product data, building traffic and automate processes.

Fredrik Bergström

Lead Business Developer


Higher profitability

Cost savings with reduced inventory levels, marketplace business model is 2-3 times more profitable than traditional retail model. More than 50% of e-commerce growth will be driven by marketplaces.


Automation and process management

Sophisticated tools and automated processes enabling marketplace best practices with built in quality and trust management to promote sellers that perform.


Improving customer experience

Market place solution offers a wide range of features that will improve your customer experience, like broader product choice, increased availability, more competitive pricing and better analytics.

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