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Tieto Education Pedagogical Administration

Move away from an administration focused learning environment to one that lets your employees spend more time helping students succeed.

Focus on adding value

Educators should be spend most of their time with students. However, today's focus on administration and reporting pulls them away. Tieto Education Pedagogical Administration can change that.

Through smart and intuitive solutions that cover the full range of administrative work tasks, teachers and other learning staff can spend more time with students. It also opens up communication with both parents or guardians and students to make sure everybody has a full view on learning and progression.

Lars Åström

Head of Education Nordic


Save time

Reduce manual administration tasks that slow down the daily workload.


Gain new insights

Get a 360 view of a student's learning plus support in decision making.


Easy to use

Single sign on and a common interface for all Tieto Education solutions.

Key features

Easy to use

All Tieto Education solutions are quick to learn and easy to use thanks to their intuitive navigation and user-centric design. Plus, personalisation settings means the user always has the right information at hand

Preventive analytics

By using data from multiple sources, Tieto Education enables teachers to meet the unique needs of each and every student and intervene early if a problem arises.

Easier communication

Foster a more collaborative approach to learning thanks to simple solutions for communication with different stakeholders such as parents and guardians, students and colleagues.

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