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Service Transformation

From reactive to proactive mode and delivering value around the physical product/equipment

Utilizing the opportunities the technological change enables

The end-user market is focusing more on the outcome and not only the product itself thus paving way to new business models to ensure that this perceived value is delivered.

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services

Service maturity levels

Driven by customer expectations

The OEM machine producers' target market ultimately determines the appetite for the type of the service portfolio. The OEM needs to fulfill an array of different expectations and thus the required capabilities must be agile.

Towards customer intimacy driven services

How do you want to transform your service business? What are your pain points? Would you benefit from having more connected workforce for example in field service, having high quality data available at all times for faster decision-making process, regardless location? Whatever your challenge, Tieto can support you on your journey.

Life cycle service excellence

Tieto has the capability to tailor solutions - like field service management, spare part management, PLM, knowledge base or CRM - to fit your specific needs and requirements. These solutions, having data at its core, are fundamental building blocks to enable transformation of your service business.

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