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Machinery and equipment

In a new era of manufacturing intelligence and analytics, we're guiding businesses through digital transformations that optimise efficiency and enable innovation and progress.

Digitalisation is changing the industry

Optimised and intelligent factories, together with an integrated and transparent sales process, are the future of the industry. Let our knowledge and tools empower your business to grow and thrive.

Jaakko Tapanainen

Client Partner Manufacturing, Forest, Retail & Logistics

In the spotlight

The road ahead for the Scandinavian manufacturing industry

Helping manufacturing companies to kick-start their digital journey.

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Humans are the new machines

Into the next age of the IoT sensor.

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Is digitalisation of machinery dangerous?

Increasing driving safety by reducing bugs in vehicle software.

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What is a smarter society?

What is the future of manufacturing in a smarter society?

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Customer experience in manufacturing

On IoT, competitiveness and lessons learned from the consumer sector.

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