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Lifecare for elderly and home care

Digitalise your elderly or home care service to develop a smoother operation, increase time spent with patients and deliver better care.

Improve patient outcomes

Traditionally, home and elderly care has relied on manual processes to plan, report and follow up on patient visits. With Lifecare you can make the whole process more streamlined, ultimately creating more time for your staff to spend with patients.

The solution automatically creates schedules staff access on their mobile devices, shows the best routes between patients, unlocks doors and details the care to be delivered. After a visit, staff update the patient's record in the mobile app, so management, staff, patient and relatives can all keep abreast of what has happened.

Jörgen Larsson

Head of Sales


Optimise resources

Automatically produce staff schedules to make the most of time and skills.


Increase transparency

Patients and relatives can easily keep up to date with care progress.


Better patient outcomes

Free up administration time and spend it with patients instead.

Key features

Digital keys

Staff no longer have to keep returning to their base to collect keys to patients' homes. Digital keys give them instant access to a house and decrease the chance of keys being mislaid.


Your patients and their relatives can keep up to date with the care received and planned visits with our easy-to-use e-service.

Resource management

Make the best use of your staff's time and skills thanks to the automatic scheduling feature. It produces daily schedules that plan the best routes and matches patient needs to caregiver competence.

Simpler reporting

Part of the Lifecare family

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