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Lifecare Imaging

Upgrade your imaging to an integrated system that streamlines operations and paves the way to better staff collaboration and improved patient care.

Total imaging solution

Pictures speak a thousand words, especially in healthcare. Lifecare Imaging builds on existing platforms and processes to create an easy-to-use, integrated solution that lets you treat patients faster and more effectively.

With added archiving and messaging functionality built in, this is more than just an image viewer. And as part of our Lifecare family of products, it is easy to integrate with other solutions to create a comprehensive patient information system complete with workflow management.

Malin Söderlund

Head of Sales


Improve patient experience

Cut down on administration and spend more time with your patients.


An integrated overview

Reliable patient information and images in one, accessible place.


Better decision-making

The intuitive, user-friendly system helps you come to the right decision.

Key features

Total imaging solution

Lifecare Imaging is more than just a radiology solution. It can work with dental, eye and endoscopy images, for example. Even digital images from cameras and scanners are supported.

Full integration

Unlike some healthcare imaging solutions, Lifecare Imaging works seamlessly with your existing systems and can be integrated with your preferred diagnostic platforms.

Easily accessible

Lifecare Imaging makes sharing easy. Information stored on the platform can be accessed from anywhere and by anybody you assign.

Predefined workflows

You can speed up processes by introducing predefined workflows as well as automating tasks and service requests, leaving your staff more time to spend with patients.

Adaptive interface

Lifecare Imaging seamlessly adapts to the role of the person accessing the information and to the context of care, making sure the right information is available at the right time.

Flexible delivery

Available as an in-house or a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, depending on your needs. We also offer Software as a Service (SaaS), so you can avoid heavy investment in hardware and software licences.

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