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Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow

Boost your wood procurement and production planning: effectively steer your wood demand, delivery and transport and optimise stock operations.

Smart tools increase profitability

Smart tools for wood purchasing and production planning – TIFF Forestry. Innovative solution for effectively planning wood and fibre demand, delivery and transport – TIFF Logistics. Optimized stock operations with planning and control – TIFF Inventory.

Jaakko Kuusisaari

Head of Wood and Fibre Solutions

In the spotlight

Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF), Forestry

Tieto’s TIFF Forestry is a cloud based service that has different modules that help companies to adapt to the demand.

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Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF), Inventory

Tieto TIFF is a transaction based system that can help mill personnel with up-to-date information.

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Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF), Logistics

Solution for effectively planning wood demand, delivery and transport

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Save money

With intelligent planning and forecasting.


Better decisions

Thanks to a clear oversight, the right data and automated assistance.


Improved quality

Speed up storage flows, use the right raw material for the right product.

Key features

Procurement planning

Plan your wood purchases and manage preliminary calculations, tenders and contracts.

Production planning

Production planning in Gantt view for both harvesting and silviculture.

Demand overview

See an overview of the wood demand of mills and sawmills.

Delivery planning

View and manage deliveries incoming and outgoing – both from your organisation and external suppliers.

Transport planning

See up-to-date data on roadside storages for supply, alongside your business' delivery target. Create, plan and send orders with transport supported by map functions.

Inventory management

Manage all processes from the truck arriving at the mill gate to loading the bundles for production.

Cloud service

TIFF is delivered from the cloud and available from your web browser wherever you need it. The service ingrates easily with external systems.

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