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Savings and pensions

Deliver a superior customer experience, while reducing execution and transaction costs.

Optimise your savings and pensions business

Our solution allows you to set up client saving plans – ranging from basic one-time orders to complex investing – with differing goals and risk appetite.

Model portfolios can be set up easily, with automatic monitoring, re-balancing and investing of funds, through easy to understand products targeted at both affluent, mass affluent and high-net-worth individuals. Our automatic model and trading solutions will help you service a greater number of clients, with superior quality and customer experience.

Kurt Grønli

Lead Solution Architect


Save time

Faster time to market solution with standardised services delivered through a single platform, with the ability to configure core modules as your business evolves.


Cost-effective technology

A single standardised API provides cost efficiency, utilising the same API across internal or external channels and platforms. Case handling workflows are automated, saving time and resources.


Future-proof services

Long-term strategy is secured through technology- and platform- independent solutions, ensuring there are no spikes in investment due to future changes in technology.

Key features

Tailored offering

Savings and pensions can be set up on an individual or group basis, with a standardised product engine to tailor offerings accordingly, through a complete pension saving platform.

Automatic monitoring

Reconciliation of risk, asset re-balancing and re-investment is automated, in a simple to monitor service.


Standard model portfolios are easily configured for individual customisation.

Reporting and payments

Tax reports and payments following retirement are automatically produced. Insurance events are automated, including re-buy, death and transfer to beneficiaries.

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