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Bank payment hub

Move from siloed payment processing to one consolidated, unified payment solution, providing greater efficiency and flexibility, and seamless integration with internal and external payment systems.

Lead the evolution of banking payments

Our payment suite covers all types of processing activity, from complex high-value international payments, to domestic and international SEPA or instant payments. Based on open architecture, it facilitates increased integration with other systems without the need for code changes.

Whether you are a large or small bank, old or new, an innovative, accessible and reliable payment platform can help you achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency. We can help existing banks strengthen their market position, while enabling new entrants to build compelling payment propositions.

Dagfinn Loen

Senior Sales Manager


Redefine service

Be fit-for-purpose in a modern banking world, with competitive, innovative and proven payment services.


Optimise performance

Improve customer service and increase market share, while reducing costs through greater efficiency.


Seize new opportunities

Be ready to capitalise on commercial opportunities with comprehensive, flexible and scalable payment solutions.

Key features

Open and modular

Our modular bank payment system is designed to meet the commercial and operational requirements of a demanding market, handling the entire payment life cycle. Open and API-driven solutions enable greater interaction with internal and external partners, widening the scope of your payment offering.

Standardised APIs

A suite of APIs built on industry-wide standards creates seamless integration with external systems, without the need for code changes to core products. This allows banks to offer new and improved payment services to customers through existing channels.

Flexible solutions

Our bank payment system can be configured to support all relevant payment types. Business requirements are met through highly flexible and intuitive technology, allowing parameters to be set and adapted with ease, and changes in payment processing to be made in very short time frames.

Large or small

Regardless of your business size or focus, there is a payment solution for you. We can provide outsourced interbank payments to reduce licensing, maintenance and operational costs, or the comprehensive end-to-end processing of all payment types.

Risk control

Reduce the risk within your business by partnering with a well-established and leading provider of complex and compliant banking and payment solutions. We can share with you our extensive expertise, backed up by a lengthy track record in payment integration.

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