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Financial BPO

Increase efficiency through a cost-effective, value-driven, secure and compliant Financial BPO service.

Scalable solution with predictable cost

Our Business Process Outsourcing provides origination services, contract lifecycle services, and retention and loyalty services. Through a total offering of software and process, we can help you reduce administrative risk, simplify transactions, enable a quick time to market and ensure automatic compliance with regulatory changes.

Our services focus on core business and growth, providing cost efficiency and synergies through technology and advantages of scale. As we can utilise the same processes for non-competitive actions, the cost of compliance and development is shared with other clients.

Måns Larsson

Senior Sales Manager, Credit Solutions and Services


Cost efficient

Cost advantages through technological synergies, shorter time to market, streamlined processes and sharing the cost of compliance.


Easily scalable

A flexible and scalable solution where the cost of services can be predicted, so there are no surprises.


Risk reduction

A secure, reliable and high-quality operation that is automatically compliant with changing regulation.

Key features

Origination service

Our origination service covers dealer and partner management, pricing and administration, automated credit decisions or preparation for manual credit decisions, and contract activation.

Lifecycle management

We provide customer service and administration during the lifecycle of the credit or deposit. Our service also takes care of contract management, payments, accounting and reconciliation, invoicing and collections.

Retention and loyalty

Helping you to create repeat sales at the end of the contract and early term. Looking after inbound up-sales, outbound up-sales and customer surveys.

Flexibly structured

The Financial BPO solution supports multiple legal entities, currencies and languages.

Guaranteed expertise

Specialised in lending and leasing, our deep knowledge of financial services and banking products ensures we understand the key drivers of your financial services business.

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