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Consumer lending

Enhance your consumer lending process, from first customer contact all the way to final accounting.

Exceed your customers' expectations

Whether you’re a credit start-up, moving into consumer finance, or an established lender, we can keep you ahead of changing customer demands with a lean and agile system for consumer credit.

Tieto Emric software simplifies the entire loan origination and administration process for unsecured loans, consumer credit, deposits, online self-service customers and card approvals. A powerful AI business and credit rules engine is built into the solution, ensuring secure and precise decisions and pricing. Our fully automated system saves time and resource, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Måns Larsson

Senior Sales Manager, Credit Solutions and Services

In the spotlight

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Key benefits


Save time and resources

A fully automated consumer lending solution saves you time and resources, while delivering a superior service to your customers.


Flexible and scalable solutions

Built on integration-ready, open API technology, our user-friendly platform is flexible and scalable, supporting multiple currencies and languages.


Reduce operational risk

An automated credit process reduces operational risk and provides compliance with legal infrastructure, allowing connectivity with multiple channels and a faster time-to-market.

Key features

Loan origination

Our loan origination module automates the entire application process. High volumes of data can be handled at application, while the decision phase is based on a combination of risk scoring, lending thresholds and business rules. All documentation is then generated automatically, ensuring accuracy.

Loan administration

The loan administration phase is completely automated, taking care of credit processing from first payment to final accounting. Loan status updates are available in real time. Our solution supports multi-channel integration, allowing you to adapt to new markets effortlessly.

An agile solution

Our agile approach delivers solutions at lightning speed, while reducing implementation costs. As a fully automated 'off the shelf' solution, it is quick to implement with a three month time-to-market. It allows you to configure your lending process to your requirements.

Compliance made simple

Compliance is embedded into our solution, ensuring you continuous compliance with regulatory, legal and infrastructural requirements including GDPR and IFRS 9 and 16. A real-time automated compliance process reduces operational risk, allowing you to grow and adapt quickly to new market requirements.

Sourcing support

We can take care of the complete software hosting through our SaaS solution, or with software licences, and you can choose to host through the cloud, a hybrid solution or on-prem. We can also supervise all or part of the origination and administration process through our Financial BPO service.

Best-practice service

With over 20 years' experience in the Nordics, our expertise adds real value to your business. Used by more than 60 mortgage institutions, our origination solution has processed over SEK 900 billion, while our administration software is used in over 19 countries, with clients including major banks.

Download the brochure

Learn more about our Loan Origination and Administration products, our delivery types and service levels, by downloading our brochure.

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