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Empower your debt management business with an efficient and flexible solution, putting you in full control.

Take the hard work out of collections

Our debt collection solutions are tailored, flexible and effective, and when combined with our lending platform, can provide complete end-to-end credit management. Our services are focussed on ensuring good customer care for debtors and increased cash flow for organisations.

Tieto's Collection Suite Nova is an open framework for automated debt collection, saving you time and money. An agile and scalable modular solution, Nova adapts to meet the needs of your business, regardless of geography or industry. Together we can shape your future business success.

Måns Larsson

Senior Sales Manager, Credit Solutions and Services

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Key benefits


Let Nova do the work

Eliminate difficult, time-consuming management of debtors, creditors and authorities, with an automated solution generating the right action at the right moment.


Optimise debt collection

Automated and adaptable processes, combined with clear payment plans, create a higher level of engagement from debtors and increase resolution rates. Nova is simple to use in stressful situations.


Agile solutions

Nova can adapt as your business grows, giving you flexibility over how you manage cases and structure services. While we handle the credit management, you focus activity where it is needed most.

Key features

Automated engine

Nova’s workflow management system is the applications engine, driving the automation of your debt collection activity. By implementing an unlimited number of workflows, Nova can respond automatically to external events and take the appropriate action for each debt collection case.

Powerful integration

Nova seamlessly integrates with internal and external systems to enhance the automation of your debt collection business. With the ability to link data from legal authorities and bank payment systems to your own systems, debtor information can be exchanged easily, shortening process lead times.

Adaptable collection

Individual payment plans can be tailor-made for each debtor, using a vast array of parameters. Nova automatically manages amortisation costs, while observing incoming payments or deviations from the plan, and then notifies the collector or adapts the payment plan accordingly.

Effortless communication

Communication with debtors, creditors and other stakeholders is supported and automated across multiple channels, including printed correspondence, telephone, SMS, email, voice messages and our web portal solution, eNova.

Advanced reporting

Advanced statistics can be extracted from Nova to enrich financial reporting and the information supplied to creditors. All activity is stored and accessible within the database, allowing flexibility in report creation and data storage.

Always a step ahead

The modular design of Nova allows you to customise and adapt functionality to where it is needed most. This means your business activities can expand while using the same system – whether the expansion is in volume, geographical or the business model.

Market-leading expertise

With 75 implementations in 17 countries, you can benefit from our European market-leading experience in debt collection and end-to-end credit management.

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Bring power to your debt collection business with Tieto's Collection Suite Nova.

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