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Make better business decisions with our analytics platform – a smarter way to use data.

Innovation in analysis, risk and control

Let us revolutionise what your data can do for you with our analytics technology. A live stream of data analysis allows you to make more meaningful business decisions, based on up-to-the-minute information, giving you greater control and understanding of your customer base.

With more than 20 years' experience in analytics in over 20 countries, our world-leading solutions help you reach more powerful conclusions, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Per Dahlqvist

Head of Business Development & Analytics Products, Credit Solutions and Services

In the spotlight

Social and alternative data-driven scoring – a needed complement to traditional credit scoring

With alternative scoring, lenders can achieve higher accuracy in their credit evaluations & capture customers they would have missed out on.

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Machine learning in credit scoring

How machine learning can be used to achieve a more accurate credit score.

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Tieto named top 25 global fintech enterprise

IDC Financial Insights has ranked Tieto 22nd in its Top 25 Enterprise FinTech Rankings for 2018.

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Key benefits


Transform data

With complex data analysis at your fingertips, you can transform your understanding and targeting of customers and make better business decisions.


Reduce costs

Integrated and intelligent technology frees up resource and reduces business administration costs.


Growth potential

Our modular and scalable solutions are built to support business growth, wherever the next opportunity takes you.

Key features

Credit analytics dashboard

The analytics dashboard shows live data analysis, giving you up-to-the-minute insight and information. Featuring standard and tailored KPIs, you can instantly access the data that is most crucial to your business.

Machine learning

Machine learning uses historical data and ongoing customer behaviour to make assumptions about new and existing business. By automatically adapting and learning, it provides you with more time-efficient and accurate results.

Alternative credit scoring

Capture credit-worthy customers you could have missed with alternative credit scoring. By collecting location data, online behaviour and up to 350 other data points, you can quickly and efficiently compile a trustworthy data score for those who lack a credit history.

Non-performing loans

With our analytics technology, you can forecast and detect poorly performing loans more easily, to increase early intervention and manage risk more effectively.

Data analysis

Our platform provides endless possibilities for meaningful data analysis. The key values and results for each credit application are stored and can be analysed, for example, by the ratio of approved applications, the loans directly approved or the number with conditional approval.

Fraud and security

Transaction information being consistently captured and mapped, rules can be applied for credit risk control and operational risk procedures, monitoring events triggered by status changes and unique processing requests. Predictive business rules and anomaly detection can be applied, incl. fraud.

Decision modelling

Our automated rules engine answers credit applications instantly, set to your required workflows, for example, to validate data, to check credit rules, to determine a decision level and which documents need to be created by the loan origination system.

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