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Life and pension Insurance (L&P)

Meet the changing needs of the life and pensions market with our innovative and flexible services, combining cutting-edge technology and IT expertise.

Streamline and future-proof your services

Developments in distribution and technology are changing the insurance world at an unprecedented pace. New businesses are exploring the insurance market as a source of opportunity, while insurance, pension and wealth management companies must adapt to meet new customer demands.

We have adopted a partner-driven approach to help bring you the latest innovations in business and technology, blending in-house IPRs and best-in-class solutions from our global partners, giving you the ability to go to market in less than 100 days.

Tieto has been able to extend the iiB platform to also support Life and Pension market. It will be launching in DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda) Munich on 17th and 18th of October 2018.

Sameer Datye

Head of Business Development, Insurance and Wealth Management

Key features


Save time

A highly configurable solution for product design and management. Standardised services are delivered through a single platform, with the ability to adapt core modules as your business evolves.


Reduce costs

You can choose only the policy management components you need, coupled with a pay-as-you-use pricing model, giving you control over costs.


Competitive edge

With a plug-in and plug-out approach the IT landscape stays evergreen, and keeps you ahead of the competition with the ability to harness upcoming trends quickly.

Key features

Expertly configured

Life pension insurance is supported fully for groups and individuals, as well as defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes. Standard industry solutions are readily available through our policy lifecycle management.

Flexible software

A standardised product engine ensures flexibility, a short time to market and complete monitoring. Your existing portfolio can be leveraged, or standard products can be shaped into tailored packages.

Tailored pricing

We offer a range of pricing models, including rental, flat rate, usage based, tiered, user count and component based, enabling you to match your payments to your revenue streams and manage costs efficiently.

Saas- ified

Insurance-in-a-box offers solutions powered by cloud-based delivery, offering faster, easy to implement services with optimum security.

Sandbox environment

The ability to quickly try, test, adapt and reject various technological advancements to enable you to harness new innovation, be that in distribution, underwriting, policy servicing, claims or pensions.

Compliance ready

Manage regulatory changes in an agile way. Compliance gaps are mitigated with our continually market-ready modular insurance solutions.

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