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Personnel logistics and personnel on board (POB) management

Accommodate the diverse requirements of the oil and gas industry with our leading solutions for personnel logistics and personnel on board (POB) management.

Streamlined compliancy as standard

Our solutions are used in over 25 countries, and have been selected as corporate tool by some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Together with our customers, we have developed and established global best practices for oil and gas personnel logistics.

Streamline operations and significantly reduce OPEX, while ensuring HSE compliance. Move from multiple Excel spreadsheets to our ‘one time data entry’ tools. Reliably forecast transportation and accommodation capacity requirements, reuse entered data and distribute the workload by empowering contractors, end users and travellers alike.

Atle Hauge

Director, Oil and Gas


Streamlined compliance

Simplify operations and significantly reduce OPEX, while ensuring HSE compliance.



Reduce reliance on multiple spreadsheets – collect everything in one tool.


Stay ahead

Reliably forecast requirements, reuse entered data and distribute the workload.

Key features

Personnel details

A comprehensive level of personnel details, including medical check-up and certificates,can be registered. The personnel record includes an overview of past, current and future reservations and work locations.


DaWinci has functionalities for creating and generating transportation as well as rotator schedules and transportation reservations.

Dispatch and transportation

An extensive set of functionalities are available to manage reservations, handle dispatch and execute transportation.

POB management

A comprehensive POB module, including bed quota management, is provided.

Flight sharing

One key DaWinci feature is the ability to easily share flights between oil companies, with various options for cost distribution between the parties sharing the transportation.


Benefit from an extensive range of functionalities for complying with HSE requirements and contingency management.

Travellers' self services

A traveller’s web portal for updating defined personnel details, with an overview of past and future reservations, plus the possibility to subscribe to certificate expiry notifications.

Software and distribution

A modern web solution hosted in Amazon’s state-of-the-art data centres and distributed over the internet, with personal data protection compliant with the strict requirements of the new EU directive.

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