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Sales, marketing and customer services

Transform customer services, sales and marketing into a streamlined ecosystem to boost customer satisfaction, reduce work and increase efficiency.

Create lasting, loyal customers

We manage 40 percent of Nordic energy consumers and contracts, turning customer care into an automated, personalised and profitable service. We help you meet the customer where they are, so they can access services, receive personalised offers and communicate with customer services, whenever they choose from the device they choose.

We integrate sales and marketing with customer service to give companies a 360º view of their customers, so they can generate personalised offers based on a consumer's situation and interest. Plus, services are digitalised and automated end-to-end to reduce admin costs.

Olof Ferenius

Head of Energy Utilities


Customer experience focus

Digitalisation reduces manual work, improve efficiency.


Create loyal customers

Deliver top customer satisfaction regardless of channel.


Personalised offers

Lower churn with easy-to-buy offers in any channel.

Key features

Customer 360º module

All the information you need, at a glance.

Campaign management

Manage, launch and target marketing campaigns.


Easy-to-use self-service portal available on any device.

Customer contact information management

Customer contact information management

Errand management and workflow automation

Event-driven capabilities for flexible processes.

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