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Network assets

Upgrade to our automated, digital services to optimise your output, make smarter decisions and meet new utility industry regulations.

Future-proof your network operations

As the industry changes and customer demands grow, be sure that your business is prepared for the future with digital services that save you time and money, while also offering regulatory guarantees.

With Tieto Smart Utility, you have access to meter data management (MDM), network management automation, network maintenance and network investment modules that can automate your key processes, help you manage and optimise your operations and offer predictive and reliable forecasts for the future.

Olof Ferenius

Head of Energy Utilities


Real-time control

Reduce disruption, save on inefficiencies.


Save time and money

Gain visibility and handle investments accurately.


Optimise operations

Digitalised processes, predictions and analysis.

Key features

Meter data management

A cost-effective scalable solution to store metering data in a standard format.

Network management automation

Automates key processes, maintenance, investments, construction and logistics for optimal outcome.

Network maintenance

Controls, analyses and monitors maintenance tasks in real-time with minimal manual intervention.

Network investment

Collects real-time business data for smart day-to-day decisions, providing ongoing analysis of network investments.

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