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Industry solutions and software

Explore our vast portfolio of industry solutions to digitalize and transform your business.

Solutions by industry



Real-time factory

Service Connect

Supply Chain Explorer



Tieto Education Pedagogical Administration

Tieto Education Learning

Tieto Education Services

Energy utilities

Energy retail

Sales, marketing and customer services

Market data exchange

Invoicing and receivables

Energy distribution

Sales, marketing and customer services

Market data exchange

Meter automation and smart field services

Invoicing and receivables

Network assets

Distributed energy solutions

Tieto Distributed Energy Solution (DES)

Financial services

Lending and finance

Consumer lending

Corporate lending

Leasing and asset finance



Financial BPO

Payment solutions

Virtual Account Management

Instant payments

Payment card system re-platforming

Open banking

Bank payment hub

Digital insurance and wealth



Capital markets and advisory

Savings and pensions

Capital markets

Trading and securities

Core solutions

Forest, pulp and paper

Wood and fibre

Tieto Forest Hub

Digital Forest Twin

Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF)

Pulp and paper

Tieto Integrated Paper Solution (TIPS)

Tieto Integrated Production Solution (TIPS/4

Healthcare and welfare


Lifecare for Primary care

Lifecare for Secondary care

Lifecare Imaging

Lifecare Laboratory

Lifecare Dental


Tieto SmartCare

Lifecare for family and child care

Lifecare for elderly and home care

Machinery and equipment


Real Time Factory

Service Connect

Metal and mining


Real Time Factory

Service Connect

Oil and gas

Decision support and optimisation

Real Time Production Optimisation

Hydrocarbon accounting

Energy components product suite

Energy Components services

Operations support

Personnel logistics and onboarding management

DaWinci Industry Hub

Public sector

Case and document management

360° Case, document and records management

Archive solutions

eArchive 360°



Web Performance

Real Time Factory

Service Connect

Supply Chain Explorer

Network products and solutions

Signalling control

Mobile edge control

Network applications


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