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R&D Tooling Solutions

Boost your R&D efficiency with our tooling solutions to build competitive services that hit the market quicker. We help you increase your productivity and quality while driving down costs.

Be the best in development and testing

With digital innovations changing business models, having a well-functioning and efficient R&D environment is crucial. We help you maximise your efficiency with a value-stream mapping exercise. Our assessments map your R&D tools and tool chains to create a proposal on how you can optimise your tools and processes.

We can take care of your R&D tooling operation too. Choose between contracting out your whole development environment or just parts of it, so you can spend more time focusing on your core business.

Lars von Wachenfeldt

Head of R&D Delivery and Professional Services

Key benefits


Increase productivity

Work smarter with our seamless tool integrations, proven methods and processes.


Save money

Reduce waste and lead times and ultimately save on costs.


Improve quality

Reduce errors and build better quality solutions thanks to automated tests.

Tieto DevOps Space

DevOps tool chain as-a-service

Tieto DevOps Space is a toolbox that gives you the opportunity to choose among world-class tools and tool integration, plus components to support your development value chain.

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Key features

Value-stream mapping

Get a roadmap to the future with our value-stream mapping assessment. We help you understand the current situation, define where you want to be and create a plan to get there.

DevOps way of working

Our DevOps approach means you get fast and responsive service deliveries, plus maximised continuous integration and deployment solutions.

24/7 on-call service

Our experts work round the clock monitoring and managing processes to keep your R&D innovating –they're available to offer operational support too.


Do more with less thanks to our Container as a Service (CaaS) platform deliveries. Develop and deploy digital products quicker and scale applications almost instantly.

Always learning

We love to learn and work with continuous improvement to make sure we always get better at what we do. We take the same approach with our clients, and look to optimise each step of your R&D operations.

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