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IoT products and platforms

Capture business opportunities with cutting edge IoT devices, applications and platforms.

Future-proof your IoT development

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are increasing at a breathtaking pace. The IoT products and platforms market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of companies offering solutions. With a choice of devices, wireless technologies and industry specific demands, IoT device and platform vendors often struggle to scale their solutions and competencies.

We are the product development expert with embedded, wireless, networking, IoT platform and cloud technology expertise. We help you to build efficient, maintainable and productised IoT solutions and platforms for you and your customers.

Mikel Echegoyen

Head of Business Development, Product Development Services


Save time and money

With our engineering expertise, close collaboration with vendors and open-source experience, we accelerate product development and decrease costs through re-use of the best-in-breed technology.


Improved quality

We apply our deep embedded, wireless and telecom experience together with wireless pre-certification labs and test automation frameworks to ensure proper end-to-end service experience.



Our experts understand the complexity in building high-volume and globally distributed products and platforms serving millions of users.

Key features

IoT device development

We work with embedded software on multiple hardware to build feature-rich, wireless devices that are not only optimised for power and performance, but can be operated on small batteries and upgraded over the air.

Connectivity and gateways

We specialise in edge computing and wireless connectivity both for devices and gateways. Our experts help you address the technology, while also leveraging our expertise to provide close-loop DevOps automation.

IoT platforms and cloud

Whether public, private or hybrid, integrating into or developing from scratch, our experts can support you in building or extending IoT platforms.

Continued improvement

We have large teams of developers improving features, fixing bugs and making sure that your products and platforms are rock solid.

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