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5G networks

Harness the power of 5G networks with our software development services to develop network technology, build 5G solutions and innovate within your industry.

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Ride the 5G wave

The next generation of mobile networks feature unlimited capacity, minimal latency for real-time services, low power consumption, almost 100% availability and the opportunity to connect millions of devices – unleashing countless opportunities for your business.

We can help you get ahead in this 5G-enabled world thanks to our 25 years' telecom engineering experience delivering wireless, networking and cloud projects. Work with us to accelerate your technology journey from research and labs right through to commercialisation.

Mikel Echegoyen

Head of Business Development, Product Development Services

Key benefits


Accelerate time to market

Accelerate your product development with open-source technology, our world-class competences, DevOps approach and industry alliances.


Gain flexibility and scale

Cover gaps in your knowledge and capacity with our expert 5G engineering resources and proven expertise of handling R&D programs independently.


Access cutting-edge technology

Benefit from our early involvement in telecom technology development and our continuous contribution to key 5G open-source projects.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Managing the next generation mobile networks

Download insights on how to mitigate the operation and maintenance challenges of the next generation mobile networks.

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Key features

Radio access

You get first-class support from our experts. Whether you are building 5G radio-access networks (RAN), developing IoT radio-access technologies (NB-IoT, Cat-M1), honing system observability, creating next-generation deployment or working on operations and maintenance, we will you get ahead.

Core networks

We have the application expertise and 5G know-how to guide you through designing and building the next generation of 5G core networks that are cloud based, have microservice and container-ready architecture and run high-performance virtual network functions (VNF).

Cloud infrastructure

You can future-proof your cloud infrastructure thanks to our engineering expertise and use of best-in-class open-source technologies and ecosystems.

Faster, quality development

We use DevOps, the latest tools analytics and machine learning to help you automate processes and orchestrate end-to-end solutions featuring dynamic resource allocation, service assurance, observability and pre-emptive fault management.

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Network Products and Solutions

Reduce the cost of network applications, signalling control and mobile edge solutions up to 30 percent.

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