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Strong authentication service

Multi-factor authentication provides an additional secure layer to protect access to your critical resources and applications.

Protect access to critical resources

In today's digital environment, more flexible and wireless ways of working give employees greater freedom and more collaborative opportunities – but this can also leave some of your business' most valuable assets open to cybercrime.

Make digital access safer with a secure online user login. Our strong authentication service is an automated, multi-factor layer that identifies a user or device and their access permissions. Strong authentication protects access to your virtual private networks (VPN), cloud applications or virtual machine infrastructure.

Markus Suojoki

Head of Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

Better protection for your digital assets.

Enhanced security

Better protection for your digital assets.

Safely connects on-site and enables cloud working.

Hybrid environment

Safely connects on-site and enables cloud working.

Easy-to-use access with self-service portal.

Empower end users

Easy-to-use access with self-service portal.

Key features

Authentication service

An intuitive, multi-layer authentication service that ensures your digital resources are safe.

Self-service portal

Empower end users to choose when and where they access the data or resources they need.

Integration with VDI

Our strong authentication can be used seamlessly within virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Reporting capabilities

Keep track of access requests and monitor security with integrated reporting capabilities.

SMS gateway integration

Send an automated PIN code via SMS to the end user for a trustworthy authentication process.

Hardware OTP tokens

A small device can be used to create a unique one-time password (OTP) for the end user for secure login.

Push authenticator

Avoid scams with push notifications – sent via an app on the user's smart phone – for safe authentication.

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