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Security services

We are your Nordic cybersecurity partner. We provide services that promote visibility, simplicity and protection to help securely unleash your digital potential.

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Protect your digital assets

Take back control of your cybersecurity with services based on the needs of your business. Our solutions give you actionable insights to successfully predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Maria Nordgren

Head of Security Services

An Introduction to Cybersecurity

Security, traditionally viewed as something very much technical, is today much more holistic. Read our guidebook to get insight into what cybersecurity today entails. Contains security jargon only in the glossary.

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In the spotlight

Cyber Talks

a cybersecurity podcast that gathers leading security experts

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The Security Barometer

Trust is key ingredient to digital services – more cybersecurity awareness needed

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What are the key security trends in 2019?

The key security trends for 2019 include hybrid cloud, GDPR practicalities, and more

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Artificial Intelligence in security: Man with machine

Doom, loss of jobs and cyborgs on the horizon? Or more leisure and more interesting and rewarding work?

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Our insights

Sean Armana / 25.9.2019
What is the deal with data protection – are you following these strategies?
Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss.
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What is the deal with data protection – are you following these strategies?
Take back control of your cybersecurity

Security in Hybrid Cloud

How to handle security in a hybrid cloud and multi-vendor ecosystem?

Learn what is a hybrid cloud environment, what to consider when selecting cloud service providers and what are security requirements of hybrid cloud.

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