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Traditional infrastructure services

Get the best from your IT infrastructure with our services that help you save time and money to spend on your core business.

Complete traditional infrastructure

We can help help with complete capacity solutions built on mainframe or traditional capacity technologies to infrastructure management services and storage solutions built on the latest technologies.

Aki Liimatta

Director, Cloud and Capacity Services

Key benefits


Optimise expenditure and efficiency

Instead of investing in IT-infrastructure and system management tools, you can focus on making good use of platform availability, performance and operations continuity.


Create value for your business

Our experienced and skilled team look after your IT infrastructure so you can save on personnel costs and spend more time driving your business.


Manage the speed of change

React to change fast with scalable, automated, and industrialised solutions. We also help you see what's coming next and give insight on how to modernise your IT-systems to meet future challenges

Key features

All main technologies supported

We have the knowledge and experience to support all the most common hardware technologies, operating systems, virtualization solutions and so on.

Traditional Capacity Services

Our flexible and scalable capacity services are delivered securely from modern and green Nordic data centres in a model that best suits your needs.

Mainframe Services

You get the world’s best security and reliability, with millisecond response times from our data centres. We equip them with the latest hardware and software and staff them with experienced professionals.

Server management

We offer a managed service solution for infrastructure capacity systems irrespective of their location. It includes up-to-date management tools and the industry’s best practices and processes

Storage Capacity Services

No matter how demanding your data availability, performance and capacity requirements are, we can meet them thanks to our highly redundant and scalable SAN and NAs storage services

Support Services

To give you the time to focus on your core activities, we offer all the essential and optional support services, for example security, back-up, consultation, connectivity and workload automation.

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