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Product Lifecycle Management

Govern and execute your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes and strategies efficiently, while leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies.

Secure your product success

Today, businesses are under constant pressure to reinvent themselves. Leaders must reshape their organisations to drive change and ensure assets, for successful digitalisation. With rapidly changing business demands, existing processes and applications may not be able to sufficiently support progress.

A company that combines technologies can create a seamless and compelling user experience that is difficult for others to imitate. This, coupled with an innovative business model, guarantees its success. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has the capability to help transform your business.

PLM capabilities are critical whether your focus is on exploring new product or service concepts or reducing complexity across the entire lifecycle and value chain: engineering, supply chain and partners. PLM methods and frameworks help you to break free of silo working boosting collaboration and integration.

Veli Nuotio

Service Delivery Manager


Foster innovation

Keep your products continuously competitive. Be ready to leverage technologies, creating a user experience that is difficult to imitate.


Enable collaboration

Empower people and ecosystems with real-time data and analytics, and further enhance cross-functional cooperation and communication to boost capabilities and agility.


Improve operational efficiency

PLM significantly reduces engineering change and new product development cycle times, and accelerate time to market.

Driving the digital enterprise with PLM

The 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0

Download a solution paper to understand Industry 4.0 Product Lifecycle Management approach

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Key features

PLM Strategy

We are here for the entire strategic journey. We develop the vision, formulate and select the strategy, design process and implement the new PLM capabilities in transparent and human-centric ways.

Platform and application support

Our PLM support functions will keep your daily operations running and help to optimise technology investments.

Master Data Management

Throughout the entire value chain, we fix root causes behind poor data quality. This is achieved by harmonising and re-engineering processes and practices, and underpinned by establishing a data-driven company culture.


By implementing a robust application integrations, PLM enable effective use of product information and high quality data throughout product lifecycle. Collaboration across the entire ecosystem is improved; product data creation, modification, dissemination, and search of information.

Multiplayer ecosystem

We fix root causes behind poor data quality by unifying and re-engineering processes and practices which  support a data-driven company culture. Our service integration and management expertise puts us in a unique position to orchestrate your multi-vendor environment and boost productivity.


Our industry-focused consultants and end-to-end services help you validate technological opportunities, calculate business cases and manage transformation.

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