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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transform at speed with our knowledge, industry solutions and unparalleled experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Nordics.

Thrive in a changing world

Digital technologies are causing disruption and paving the way for new business opportunities. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) you can keep ahead of the competition. We have the skills and experience to help you flourish.

We use Sure Step Methodology to ensure successful implementation. The process covers everything from diagnostics to operation to ensuring your organisation, solution and technology are ready. To really forge ahead, installing Microsoft D365 is just the first step. We can help you drive the biggest benefits with our analytics, artificial intelligence and Azure development capabilities.

Kimmo Virtanen

Sales Executive

Key benefits


Save money

We use our industry knowledge and proven templates to bring you a quick and cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.



Speed up your digital transformation by using data to choose the best path for your business and create digital tools that delight consumers and employees.


Single partner

Our full-stack Microsoft services and IT ecosystem management means you only have to work with one partner.

Key features

Local knowledge, global reach

You get the best of both worlds, with our local onsite knowledge combined with lower cost expertise from our delivery centres in India and Latvia.

Integrated approach

We help you combine standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions with other vendors' software to build a platform that propels your business into the fast lane.

Industry specific

Every industry has different processes and value drivers. We've worked with Microsoft to develop easily configurable and deployable APPS that extend and optimise your processes.

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