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Application renewal

Improve agility, operational efficiency and business growth, by renewing your existing operations, all while staying aligned to your corporate vision, mission and strategy.

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Make cost savings of 20 to 35 percent

Today businesses are more dependent on digital technology than ever. But are your solutions really supporting your business needs? A strong application transformation can offer a wide range of benefits to an organisation, including improved alignment between businesses, increased agility, a simplified application structure, optimised operational costs and a faster time to market.

An effective portfolio assessment together with an application and infrastructure strategy, can help you achieve cost savings of between 20 and 35 percent, with the benefits realised over a period of two to five years.

Himadri Das

Head of Application Modernisation Advisory


Enhanced customer experience

Get the competitive edge for your business with accurate customer insights and connected multichannel customer experience.


Increased efficiency

Automation technology brings the opportunity for optimal efficiency in terms of reducing manual work and increasing speed and quality.


Save money

Reduce costs through architecture realignment, and by application and infrastructure rationalisation with our portfolio analysis.

Key features

Transformation services

We offer transformation of your applications and infrastructure, while making sure that you are fully aligned with all business processes and corporate strategy.

Architecture services

Our enterprise consultants assist you towards your digital journey using microservices architecture to bring you the best practices in business and technology.

Service integration and management (SIAM)

We provide a process-driven service integration and management that can support and streamline multi-vendor environments.

Consulting services

By developing a clear roadmap towards a complete business transformation, our team of enterprise and solution experts will assist you on your digital journey.

Sourcing plan

We provide a well-thought-out sourcing plan, that is released in waves based on the business importance of each application.

Architectural roadmap

You will get an architectural roadmap highlighting how your organisation looks today, and targeting your needs for the future.

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