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Marketing Science

From customer data liberation to personalised offers and experiences – today's modern marketing is about customer engagement across the whole customer life cycle.

Be meaningful to your customers and grow your business

Data-driven marketing based on an individual’s real-time needs, interests, and behaviour and the “segment of one” represents an important part of the new horizon of growth.

Tieto’s Marketing Science advisory, planning, implementation, and continuous optimisation services help you activate and leverage your customer data and personalise your content, offers, and experiences for first-class customer engagement and higher profitability for your business.

We partner with you to optimise your lead-to-revenue process to transform marketing from a pure supplier of leads to the steward of customer engagement across the whole customer lifecycle. We help you combine the art of marketing with the science of marketing in new, innovative ways enabling deeper one-to-one relationships with your customers at scale.

Marko Saarinen

Head of Marketing Science

Our areas of expertise


Data analytics & data science

Unleash the power of data to improve and better monetise customer experience.


Marketing automation

Utilise marketing automation to more effectively orchestrate your marketing programs and activities across channels and automate repetitive tasks.


Digital marketing optimization

Advance your digital marketing optimisation process and practices, leverage customer insights, and test new ideas regularly.

Key technologies


Salesforce’s marketing cloud products offer a complete set of marketing tools. You can understand your customers, engage them across channels, and manage B2C or B2B marketing with one platform. You can market smarter with artificial intelligence, identify the most likely customers to engage, and power predictive recommendations.


Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform than enables brands to engage customers across all critical channels. You can easily create multi-step journeys and link behaviour across all channels. You can harness real-time contextual data to execute powerful personalised campaigns.

Web analytics

Web analytics is one of the most impactful tools in digital marketing. Our Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics make use of the latest products features, support, and advancements – helping you gain an understanding of and insights into user behavior and the business performance of your web assets.

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