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Digital customer service

Release untapped business potential, improve your efficiency and exceed your customers' expectations with personalised, omni-channel customer service experiences.

Offer your customers outstanding service experiences

Customer service situations are often the places where companies have the opportunity to turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors. Therefore, a customer contact centre should be seen as the driver for business growth and not only as the enabler of customer service.

Today’s customers set a high bar for customer service, expecting quick solutions to their queries and service that is highly personalised in the channel they choose. We help you to exceed your customers’ expectations by making their experiences effortless in the digital world – as the customer would want it. In addition, we take care that your customer service team has the right information and digital tools that enable them to become the heroes in every customer service situation.

Antti Pudas

Director, Digital Customer Service

Our expertise


Customer service experience

We help you to build great service experiences that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce churn rates.


Online meetings

We provide you with modern video communication tools that enable you to offer seamless service to your customers in channels they prefer.


Contact centre transformation

We help you to optimize your customer service to fit your customers’ expectations and ensure that your service is always of high quality.

Key features

Cloud-based contact centre platform

Contact centre platforms provided on public or private clouds are the modern standard for efficient customer service. You can increase security, availability and flexibility of your customer service operations while moving away from legacy systems.

Chatbot and AI

Chatbots are excellent in improving efficiency of your contact centre while providing immediate first response to your customers. By removing repetitive and uninspiring tasks from your customer service agents, you can let them engage with customers on more challenging issues.

Workforce management

Strategically optimizing the productivity of employees ensures that all resources are in the right place at the right time. You can do scheduling, forecasting, skill management and much more to fulfil your workforce management strategy and ensure that an expert is always available.

Analytical tools

Analytical tools help you to assess your contact centre applications and make unique iterative changes to continuously improve the customer experience. For instance, you can gain insight into inefficiencies in agent performance that may need additional training.

Social media integration

As one of the fastest growing medium, social media plays a prominent role in customer service. Connecting your customer service to social media channels will prevent you from working in a customer service vacuum and enables an important touchpoint towards your customer group.

Microservices architecture

With microservices architecture your system functionality is spread across hundreds of individual components. Each microservice performs a single function independently which means that a failure in one microservice will not affect others. Therefore, your contact centre can perform rolling updates and grow when needed while always being up to date.

Key technologies


The Genesys PureEngage platform is the optimal cloud-based customer contact center solution platform for large scale customer service needs. You can interact with your customers across all channels – from telephone, chat to social media. Empower your customer service agents with a world-leading solution for customer engagement.


The Genesys PureCloud platform is an easy to use all-in-one customer engagement and employee management solution. You can utilize its seamless omnichannel capabilities to reach and be reached by your customers. The true cloud architecture supports continuous improvements which ensures that your needs are met now and in the future.


Making the extra effort in engaging with your customers can be done by enabling video meetings on the Vidyo platform. Virtual meetings can be a requirement for specific customer interactions where trust, visual aid and human contact are crucial for a successful service. Enrich your customer service by embedding interactive video in your channels.

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