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Design studio

“Customers will exchange their hard-earned money for only two things things: Good feelings & solution to problems.” (Michael LeBoeuf).

Our approach

Whereas Design Thinking is ingrained in everything CEM does, the Design Studio prides itself of being the Design Doers. We use the proven design processes and methods to understand the customers and their problems and explore innovative ways to solve their problems. Our preferred way of working is working together with you. You know your business, we know design. To achieve the best results, we believe that the creative process of solving problems and innovation can only be done together. We call this co-creation.

We are a happy group of around 30 design professionals: business designers, service designers, interaction designers and visual designers.

Petra Tarkkala

Head of Design

Design Studio’s key capabilities

Long track record

Experience is an invaluable asset for a designer – the more projects under their belt, the easier it is for them to navigate in the challenges of new assignments. Our designers have in average 10 years of experience from assignments in public and private sector.

Professionals in user-centered methods

We believe in user-centered design and routinely utilize tens of internationally acknowledged design methods.We are good at tailoring projects for clients’ budgets and needs. In collaboration with business experts and actual end users, we develop new software, services and processes that meet and exceed everyone’s expectations.

Feasible designs

We are well accustomed to working with the many restrictions present in design projects. Our designers can navigate around technical restrictions and collaborate with technical experts to really understand the boundaries in each case.It is possible for our designers want to make sure the designs are taken into practice as intended: Tieto CEM can deliver the whole project from user insight to launch and beyond.

Design competences

Service Design

Service design looks at the end-to-end, all-channel experience, including interactions at a variety of moments, such as discovering, making a purchase, complaining, providing support and many more. Regardless of B2C, B2B or internal tools – the underlying processes need to be shaped for efficient and delightful user experience. In other words, we make people feel good about using a product or service.

UX / Interaction Design

Interaction design connects the dots of insight and creates logical and efficient interactive systems. Our knowledge of various platforms and industries help us to translate user needs into stuff that really works. It is the art of facilitating interaction between humans through products and services.

Visual Design

Visual design creates a cohesive and unique visual language throughout all the channels the brand is present in. Visual design is the emotional layer between the user and the interactive system. Despite being the more subjective and aesthetic aspect of design, the visualisation has a massive impact on usability and brand perception and hence a measurable impact on the quality of a service.

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